THE HOUSE ON COCO ROAD Editor/ Co-Writer Theater Mode

Station 10 Films & Array
Produced & Directed by Damani Baker
Written by Damani Baker, Jon Fine, Eisa Davis, Cameron Russell
Edited by Jon Fine
Original Soundtrack by Meshell Ndegeocello
Executive Producers Max Osterweis, Cameron Russell, Danny Glover & Belvie Rooks

In 1979 Maurice Bishop led the first popular revolution in the English-speaking Caribbean. The “Revo” attracted workers from around the world, including Fannie Haughton, who moved to the island in 1983 with her two young children from Oakland, California to take up a position in the ministry of education. Only months later, however, following the assassination of Bishop and several of his comrades, the United States staged a military invasion. Haughton and her children were forced to flee Grenada. In 1999 Haughton’s son, Damani Baker, returned to the island with his mother and began shooting a documentary film. The House on Coco Road is the story of Fannie Haughton and a group of tireless women who put their lives on the line, daring to build a different type of country, and a better world.

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A few articles about the film: LA Times & The Village Voice.

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