THE AFTERPARTY Producer / DP / Writer Theater Mode

“The After Party” is a documentary feature film about a journalist who is caught in a mass arrest while filming a protest at Ground Zero. Videotape of the incident leads to a civil rights lawsuit, uncovers a police spying ring and launches his personal investigation in to the weird world of domestic surveillance. With special appearances by Andre 3000, Barack Obama, The Bush Twins, Cornel West, Al Sharpton.

“An important and powerful film about government surveillance of American citizens, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. ‘The After Party’ is a must-see film for convention time. It’s a brave and entertaining take on democracy, protest and keeping freedom free”. –  Donna Lieberman, 
 Executive Director New York Civil Liberties Union

Freed Pictures & Habeus Corpus Films
Directed by Michael Schiller

Winner Best Doc: NY/LA International Film Festival
Winner Freedom of Speech Award Duke City Docfest
Winner Best Doc Feature: LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood
Winner Best Documnetary ThrillSpy Film Festival
Official Selection Manhattan Film Festival
Official Selection SF Film Festival
Official Selection Atlanta DocuFest
Official Selection Film Columbia Fest
Official Selection Global Film Festival